HP PR595A hewlett packard dvd lightscribe

I am looking for scanner and ripper on CD …

I found a 130,36 €uro /173 $

HP PR595A hewlett packard



Do you have any idea of the original brand ? 173$ ? It must be a real good drive , it is Windows Vista compatible , so old chipset , super quality on CD or what ??? May be a Plextor made in Japan …


Assuming the retailer has the drive in stock which perfectly matches the pictures and the specifications cited on the page, you’d get a BenQ DW1625.

I have no idea how those drives performed for music ripping. They were always appreciated around here for good/decent DVD burn quality and the ability to perform quality scans.


_thanks for the quick answer.

There are review_s and a thread on this forum about this Benq :



_According to another website , the Benq 1625 is the basic version of
the 1620 , it suffers from the same weaknesses …

(I suppose , I cannot put link to another website about cd/dvd drive ?)

-> “[U]Doesn’t support reading of C2 pointers”[/U] …

but still , it

-> “[U]Can be used to measure (scan) DVD±R/RW media[/U]” ?

I am a little confused : no C2 report but scanning is possible ?

There is no point in buying that 100+ $€ that cannot scan a Cd ?

I’ve just flipped through the forums a bit.

C1 and C2 errors are only relevant for CD media. The equivalent for DVD media is PIE and PIF.

The 1620/1625 do NOT report standard C2 pointers, which are required by audio extraction programs, so it is no better than many other drives in that respect.

However, the drive CAN report C2 errors in a non-standard way for the purpose of doing quality scans, which means that you can at least check the quality of a CD you’ve burned & get the overall picture.

[The drive can scan DVD media as long as the drive supports reading it. So DVD+R, -R, +RW, -RW, +R DL, and -ROM media should all scan fine.]

So for scanning, since it can tell you C1, C2 and jitter on CD media, it is useful. It is also useful for DVD media to tell you PIE, PIF, and jitter. As a CD ripper, the software would have to be configured to do extra software error checking since the drive won’t tell the audio ripping software about some of its C2 errors…but you can know ahead of time if the drive will have any issue by doing a quality scan. :wink:

P.S.: you are TOTALLY allowed to link to outside sources when it comes to situations like this; it’s harmless, relevant to the topic, and helpful. :slight_smile:

thanks for the precision on the basics of Cd/Dvd Errors :

Cx… for CD
Pie Pif… for Dvd

Some people might be interested in some review_s about the original model _Benq 1620 and the one behind that “Hewlett Packard PR595A”
(Benq 1625) :





If , you or anybody else , know about a CD scanner and a CD ripper ,
I have some shop_s around my house with link_s to their website ,
and they cost the usual 20 $/€…

-> I may ask for help here or somewhere else on the forum ?

You can always make a new topic if you need to talk about a different drive, or a different question. :iagree: