HP posted XP flasher and fw for LG H30L ODD



HP finally has posted fw for their oem LG H30L sata drive this fw seems to be for XP as its listed updater XP not vista. Anyway there is a list of changes


Release Date: 2007-02-09 Version: S755

HL-DT-ST DVDRRW GSA-H30L drive firmware update improves compatibility with certain LightScribe, 4x DVD+RW and 12x DVD-RAM media.


Improves compatibility with certain LightScribe, 4x DVD+RW and 12x DVD-RAM media.

Resolves intermittent issue with the system hanging when pressing the Pause key in the BIOS diagnostics screen.

Improves disc-writing strategies.


Can you confirm that this firmware reads 4x -R disks just at 8x, 8x/16x -R disks at 12x ?


If i Can flash it i will report about it then. wish me luck

Vista 64x seems to hate the flasher for LG as well as the one
ala42 sent me. As i don’t have another pc with windows xp or sata controller
I guess I’m out of luck.


Ok I messed with it little more, and I got it to flash. It seems windows vista 64x with the LG flasher needs to have disc in drive so the flasher detects the drive. I have no clue if this is due to 64x sata drivers or what, but once i put written disc in drive and ran flasher it flashed fine asked me to reboot etc and vista 64x detected new fw s755 im testing now.


ala42 I did test you asked for using nero cd/dvd speed I tested 2x , 4x ,8x -r and looks like 2x,4x only hit about 8x but 8x hit just over 10x I hope this is help to you.


Ok we all love scans first Id like to say that this media is not so hot, I have never had good luck with over 12x but for test I let nero speed test burn it at 16x