HP Pavilion

Hi, I just bought a HP pavilion dv5 and it said hard drive 250 i know that when you just buy a PC you get like 245 in this case for example, but I just bought it and i have lik 175g available why is that?. Also I have too many HP programs that I think they are unnecessary,which ones can I erase?

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many brand name computers have a hidden partition where the whole recovery stuff is buried. Instead, they don’t provide installation discs.
But ~70GiB would be too large for such a recovery partition.
Check Disc Management if there are additional partitions existing.
Additionally, find out the exact model of the HDD that is installed. (Device Manager should help here). Perhaps you got only a 200 GB HDD


It should be about 232gb total size without the operating system, or any programs installed. You may also have a hidden partition that has the restore information in case you need to reinstall the operating system.

Without knowing all the programs, we will simply be guessing on which ones are unnecessary.

Edit: Michael beat me to the punch again!

Well I got the C drive and the D Drive, it says that the D drive is an HP Recovery drive and is of 9.27 with 1.67G available, in the C drive it says 223GB available 156(that is cause I’ve installed a lot of things but when I just bought it it was like 175 or maybe less).

223 GB + 9,27 = 232 (roughly). Nothing wrong here for a 250 GB HDD.


yes but as I told you from the 223 GB when I bought the computer I had like 175G

So ~40 GB were occupied by operation system and preinstalled applications. Could be perfectly normal for a HP Pavilion.


Do you have Windows Vista? The Windows folder in my Vista partition is 14.5gb or so, including SP1 and all the latest updates. So that alone takes up a good chunk of your 48gbs of missing space.

Still, 33.5gb of programs is quite a lot. Do you have an automatic backup program running? I have one on my XP partition and it is currently at 20gb.

How do I know If I have an automatic backup program running or not the computer is with vista

I just threw that out there as a possibility. Backup programs do tend to take a good chunk of your hard drive space. If there is one, it sounds like it might be one installed by HP, and is possibly only a trial version. I don’t know what all HP includes with their pre-installed programs.

In addition to what Kerry said…

HP includes not only the recovery partition, but also includes a SWSetup folder with all of the pre-installed software and drivers on it; this folder is on the C:/ drive. This is where a small chunk probably went.

Checks the folder size of the SWSetup folder, the Windows folder, the Programs folder, and the Users folder, and see if they add up to anywhere near the “missing” space.

BTW,which dv5 model did you get? dv5-“abcdxy” [tell us what the last 6 characters are].

And there are a few guides floating around the Internet for getting rid of “bloatware” included with systems that will guide you in safely ridding your computer of stuff you wouldn’t use, or trial versions of stuff you don’t want. I suggest employing Google or Bing [both good search engines] to find them.

Its an Hp dv5 1144la and the SWsetup only has 2.65GB, I am realy confused. thank you very much for your help Albert, I would like to learn a lot about computers. Thank you very much again.