HP Pavilion High Speed USB port?



Have a HP Pavilion ze4910, Win XP, Celeron M 1.4. There are two USB2.0 ports on the back of the laptop. Every time I plug my Pioneer DVR-109 into it, I get a little pop-up window in the lower right hand corner of my screen that says something to the point of whatever is plugged into the USB port will work better if it’s plugged into a HIGH SPEED USB port. I only have two, and I get that message in either one. What do I do?


you’re 100% positive that the ports are USB 2.0?

first step: double check that.
second step: check the cable you’re using to connect the drive to your computer. is that USB 2.0 as well? if it’s an older drive or if you found a cable in the basement or something it’s possible it does not support usb 2.0 transfer speeds.

if they are both USB 2.0, download nero cd-dvd speed and, with a disc in the drive, run a “burst rate” test and let us know the results…it’s possible that windows is just acting strange and your transfer speeds will be fine.


Pretty sure that boht ports are 2.0, but don’t have a clue how to check the cable? Can you let me know. When you say run a burst rate with a disc in the drive, you mean a blank disc or a disc with data on it?

If my cable is not 2.0, would this be a reason I get an error after 20+ minutes of burning a DVD that ‘disc is dirty, retry with new disc’ (using any software to burn on a Pioneer109 burner)? I have a posting for this problem under the Asus/Pioneer section of this site…