HP Pavilion dv5000

I want to know about the dvd recorder that is in this computer .Can the firm ware be upgraded to make it recorded faster, it is very slow .HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4084N Firmware version KQ09.


check DMA settings first - there is a sticky about that.
As this drive is an OEM drive for HP, the only source would be the support area at HP website.

Older drives do not support modern media properly and will write them with slower speeds and often poor quality. If there is no firmware update (and LG is famous for stopping to release newer firmwares after a rather shirt time), then there is no option left but buying a new drive.


This I a brand new computer. the DMA setting was PIO .So I uninstalled the device and restarted compu. It is now set to Multi-word DMA mode 2. I have another computer that I have reflashed and changed the firmware many times in the past to get it to work the way that I wanted,it is a Liteon, so now I want to get all the info on this drive and get it where I want.

Here is the address for the support forums at HP. You might find the info you’re looking for there.

Good luck.