HP pavilion a225c CD-RW Burner Does Not Burn

I’m new to your forum, so please bear with me.
I have a 10 year old Hp pavilion a225c that has served me well and hate to part with. The burner is a Sony model CRX215E5. It has the XP operating system.
Problem: The DVD burner stopped burning discs about 6 months ago. It will start to read the data to be burned and suddenly ejects the tray/disc with an Alert that says data can not complete because disc is no longer usable…try another.
Steps Taken:

  1. tried new discs from 3 different manufacturers… did not correct.
  2. Ran HP burner Toubleshooter and it said drive was working correctly.
  3. Did not find any newer/better drivers
  4. Bought a “like new” burner off Amazon and had same problem
  5. Tried CS,Master and Slave jumer positions on both Original and Replacement burners. Got mixed results; CS on the Original buner seems at least spin up. But still will not burn simple data and ejects the disc.
    This computer may not be worth spending a lot of money on and I can live with the XP system,speed and storage limitations. Any suggestions on how to correct the burner would be appreciated. I’m not too techie, but manage with effort and time.
    Thanks in advance.

Clean the drive/lens, nothing else can help.