HP Music CD not working

Can somebody please help me?

Before I ask my question, know that I am a Dj and it’s not like it’s my first time burning a Music CD

However, recently I purchased a 50 (ea) pack of HP Music CD-R 40x and they are not working.
I have never had a problem before this, and when I tryed to return them the store refused to take them back. So rather than throwing 50$ away I would like to find out whats wrong.
I Load the music into the burning app. (I have tryed Nero, Windows media, Real player and Winamp) and then try to burn the CD. And everytime, the burner fires up, it get’s ready to burn, and then out pop’s the CD before even 1 sec of a song is burned onto it.

I get this message for Nero, the other programs just say fail.

"Illegal block size for command
Could not preform fixation
Burn Process failed at 8x-40x (depending on the speed I picked)

Help me pls so I dont have 50 black coasters. I only bought these because they are intended for music (hense the name MUSIC CD) but yet nothing works. I have also tried data cds, MP3’s, pictures, and copying my Dj subscription cd’s

Also, no I am not using a HP computer, however, the packaging says compatable with HP AND most CDROM/DVD burners

Black CD-Rs are notorious for being difficult to use in many burners. You should never buy black CD-Rs unless you are sure your drive can handle them.

Also, there is nothing special about Music CD-Rs other than the fact that they are intended to be used in certain types of standalone recorders, and they carry a price premium because of license fees paid to the RIAA (or the Canadian equivalent). For burning CD-Rs in a computer burner, using Music CD-Rs is pointless, unless you are looking for some that are made in Japan, and then they will be top quality CD-Rs manufactured by Taiyo Yuden.