HP Mini 210 series



I was just wondering how long does the battery last or 12 cells

See it (bad url)
and what does the last two options mean where it says…

[B]*One 3 Cell and One 6 Cell Lithium Ion Batteries	[/B]

*50% OFF!! Extra 6 Cell Lithium Ion Battery

Does it mean I am ganna have two batteries or or one battery as a 12 cells

I have read in some forums that the [/B][B]Extra 6 Cell Lithium Ion Battery is sleek ( fits perfectly to the mini notebook)

any one can confirm than if it’s true.
help please.



bozee33, maybe you can try again with that URL it was pretty messed up.


[QUOTE=eric93se;2493881]bozee33, maybe you can try again with that URL it was pretty messed up.[/QUOTE]

here is the link it’s fixed, if seems I can’t give you the very direct.


Note: you can click Costomize so you can see the battery option.


The ‘extra’ battery is a second battery. You cannot combine them for 12 cells.

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I see, i think the 6 cells will lats for 8 hours, thanks for the info.