HP M370n will not boot to windows

HP M370n will not boot to windows…goes to the safe mode dos screen over and over again,can’t start windows normally…

Hi, :rolleyes:
I have another friend… (that’s right, I have two )who is having a problem with his HP Media Center # M370n desktop computer. He complained that it was very slow, sluggish, and HP told him he had a malicious Virus. he does not have a HP recovery CD.so I used his PC System Recovery Option on his Computer.
Everything was going ok until I had to restart the computer,then saw the HP logo and two options to either F-1 for setup or F-10 for PC System Recovery, then it automatically went to a DOS prompt for either LOAD WINDOWS IN SAFE MODE, SAFE MODE WITH NETWORKING,AND SAFE MODE WITH COMMAND PROMPT, AND FINALLY START WINDOWS NORMALLY. I used the command prompt thinking it would load all the drivers and applications…no,this only went back to the original Dos Safe mode option again.

I tried the START WINDOWS NORMALLY, and still after about ten times,it still took me back to this Dos screen.

I called HP and they want to charge me to help diagnose and replace all the .DLL files back into the computer to get to the Windows again. he said that the Recovery restore disk you buy from them will not work because it is a diagnostic-software program. If HP can walk me through the DLL replacement, can I get this info online?

Before I tried the PC System restore option on his computer, he said he was not able to use his Yahoo DSL,and it ran like dial up. Does anyone out there with an HP thinks that this recovery CD is beneficial for support?

He also said that he wants to turn off the Auto Updates and that Norton is the one who maliciously creates the virus in the first place so your forced to buy their software to remove it. sounds paranoid?
Thanks for any ideas. :flower: