HP Lightscribe DVD's 25 pack for 14.94 @ Staples!

HP Lightscribe DVD + or - R’s (8x) on sale for $14.94 at Staples. That’s 60 cents per disc, which is much better than the standard $1.00-$1.30 per disc that they normally priced at ($29.98 regular price at Staples).

:slight_smile: goood find,so with 3$ off it should be down to 11.99 + tax. i’ll let all know tomarrow!! :slight_smile:

how are you gettin the $3 off?

Bring any empty ink catridge to receive a $3 coupon good for any purchase.

Empty ink cartridge.

If you would be so kind as to let me know the media code on the discs, its nice to have a pretty label but if the discs are crap its pointless. I have used the Verbatim MCC003 lightscribe discs and they came out great, I would hope that HP is using acceptable media for these discs.

whoa are ya serious? just bring in an empty cartridge? any kind?

i had a bud stop by tonight but i still made it out!!
it looks like the mid code is reading mcc 03-000
still trying to figure out the new verison of dvd identifier,sorry i tryed to paste a copy from the clipbord. also im on a new computer. so ifeel like im working with 1 hand tyed behind my back at the moment.
well thats the skinny here in illinois/ind. goodluck elseware :clap: :clap:
oh ya by the way they were 12.59 after tax(9%)

Very interesting HP Discs using a Verbatim Media code. I think I might check that out.

I also got some MCC 003’s.

Good deal … especially getting $3 off with some crappy ink cartridge that was lying around in our office for more than 6 yrs.

while i was there last night, it was kinda funny. the dvds were on sale for 13.99 while the cds were 17.99 . you would think that it would be to there benifit to do it all together & if possible get a mad rush into the store.
in my profession the more publicity you can get the better you are??
happy shopping!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :iagree:

Unfortunately for me, I got CMC MAG E01. :sad:

Don’t feel bad I got the CMC E01 also. I wonder if there is a way to tell what discs are in the spindles without opening them?

Man I too got the CMCs.
The serial on my spindle is 3766802032 and there is also LDR00031XM underneath the serial number. Made in Taiwan and its got 3 foam rings on top of the spindle to hold the disks down.

If the people who got Verbatim can be kind enough to post the serial numbers and any other differentiators, your help is certainly appreciated.

I probably keep both the spindles too.

I have 5 packs of HP Lightscribe discs. All of the ones that are CMC Mags had the 3 foam rings. The 2 that are MCC 003 had one foam ring. This may be the only way to figure out what MID they are.

Thanks for the tip. No way are the CMC discs worth it.

I have gotten a few (very few) good burns out of them. I will just have to use them for non-personal backups.

My CMC cakebox has only one foam ring, and unfortunately, it obscures the telltale CPDR47G-CAEWPXX-XXXX imprint along the inner ring.

My first burn at 12X on my trustworthy 1620 looks decent.

That is a very good burn for CMC media.