HP LightScribe DVD02X0231 anyone has experience with it?

I just bought this HP LightScribe (Version DVD02X0231-060 1.2) 16X DVD+R Media 60 Pack in Cake Box! The price was cheaper than the Verbatims. Anyone has had experience with this especific media??

It could be CMC media, which can be performing very well, but only if you have the “right” burner!
Older Pioneers, for example, will hate this media, but others like LGs are okay.
If they turn out to be MCC004 and not CMC MAG…, then you won the prize in the lucky draw :slight_smile:

I will check the media for sure! I have two burners: one BenQ1655 and a Nec3555A!
I guess pairing the media with the right burner is the key answer here, right?
Thanks a lot!

I’d use it on the NEC, if it turns out to be CMC. My BenQ didn’t do terrifically well with CMC.

I have Nero, but how do i find my DVD code? If it is CMC MAG or another? In the DVD itself, in the center it has some small letters and numbers. I have CDMMP02 is that a code?

  1. Put your DVD in your DVD burner.
  2. Open Nero CD-DVD Speed (All Programs menu under Nero => Nero Toolkit) and go to the Disc Info tab.

There you will be able to see media code (MID) and other information.