HP Laptop

I have a HP zd8000 laptop that I purchased 3 years ago for £1000 and it is now two months out of warranty. It has developed a pink vertical line down the centre of the screen. I ruled out the graphics card by connecting to a monitor where the display is fine. However a google search revealed the following link…

It appears it is a common fault with this model that it also appears HP do not recognise. What can I do???

Sounds like you got a lemon, hp support is hopeless. When I get off the phone with hp I am Mad as hell.

Sounds like a classic case for the Lawyers in class action suit against HP typical stupdity on part of HP. Rather then fix the problem they rather go to court. I think with enough of complaints to the AG for prompt some kinda action now. Since Obama in office maybe they will take a second look into those complaints. Better yet OP complain to the better BBB in the US and keep complaining that might get their attentions.

After 5 hp printers failed out of warranty I how have a Epson Workforce 600.