HP laptop won't boot from new dvd drive



Hi, I have an HP xt125 laptop that has a bad hard drive. I installed a new hard drive, but found that someone previously had monkeyed around with the cd drive, when i try to boot from the xp disc all I get is cruching and grinding. I installed a Toshiba drive that was marked m/s (master/slave) where the original was identical except for the csel (cable select) marking.
The bios won’t recognize it and tries to boot from the hard drive. I have also tried a brand new DVD/RW drive (liteon DS-8A1p) with the same result. If I put the original cd drive in it tries to boot, but the drive is too damaged to spin the disc up to speed. I can’t find any settings in the BIOS that might help.
Any Ideas?
Thanks, Bill


What does it say on the original drive as to the model?


It is a Toshiba SD-R2312.