HP Laptop fresh install

Hello all,

My HP laptop running vista seems to no longer want to boot up into windows. The good thing is I had already backed up everything because I was noticing problems. I am fairly good and doing a recovery or fresh install on most other systems however since this is a HP machine I bet you can guess my next question.

How do I access the install partition with out a boot disk and or being able to press f11 or f10 to get to where I need to go. Pressing f11 does nothing for me. So basically I am unable to tell the machine to use the operating system to boot into a fresh install.

Is there any hope for me??? I hope this was clear enough and you all get my point.

So you can’t boot into windows at all? You don’t see a recovery F key displayed during bootup? Have you checked the HP website for you model laptop for any information?

Well it all started with blue screens and memory dumps and then always wanting to boot into safemode and now it says no operating system is found. The drive is there and diagnostics on the drive says its fine.

So I am now left with no way to do a fresh install of Vista. I would just go to XP but its a sata drive system and thats not an option that I see.

You could request a recovery CD from HP. I’m not sure what you mean by SATA option is not there. Not where? If you need the SATA drivers for XP you can probably find them on the HP website. Have you checked their site to see if they have information on how to do a recovery of your particular model?

Yeppers I would need the drivers for the SATA drive however from what I see it requires a floppy and this laptop doesnt have one.

As for the cd’s from HP I already ordered them today just incase but it sure would be nice if they made it easier to access that part of the computer I paid for.

I was just hoping someone had an instant some what easy way to access that partition and whats on it…oh well.