HP introduces 18X super-multi DVD writer with LightScribe

I just posted the article HP introduces 18X super-multi DVD writer with LightScribe.

   HP introduces 18X DVD writer with  supermulti support and LightScribe EINDHOVEN, THE NETHERLANDS, October  2006 '“ 18X  will be the new writing speed standard on HP drives. HP will launch the...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12557-HP-introduces-18X-super-multi-DVD-writer-with-LightScribe.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12557-HP-introduces-18X-super-multi-DVD-writer-with-LightScribe.html)

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18x is useless, pure marketing.

Try either the NEC or LG 18x burner, and see if you still think the same. each are only $30 @ Newegg…:slight_smile:

16x LGs with Renesas-chipsets are almost same fast as 18x from others :+

agree, 18x speed rate might be more important in marketing, but generally, 18x burners make better burns on other speeds than 16x speed burners

I have a 16x Pioneer and use 16x DVD-R discs and I still burn my DVDs at 8x. I just don’t see that much of a time difference from 8x to 16x. It’s just marketing bulls**t.

Try H12N. 18x H12 is faster than 16x 4163/4167.

That’s because you are using a Pioneer 16x. Can you burn a full-size DVD (4.7GB) in under 5 minutes 30 seconds with your Pioneer at 8x?

Yes. Yes, I can. :slight_smile:

This burner is pretty good. Any bad/good experiences with the lightscribe and HP DVD+R 16X DVDs?? Mine wil burn a perfect Memorex DVD, but the HP DVD looks like I printed it as draft.

By the way, I forgot to mention I installed the ELCU and the DVD still looks very light.