HP has been caught silently installing software that sends data back to the company

Originally published at: https://www.myce.com/news/hp-caught-silently-installing-software-sends-data-back-company-83102/

HP has been caught silently installing software on its desktops and laptops that sends data back to the electronics giant. The software is called HP Touchpoint Analytics Service and is installed without asking permission from the user.

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Must be a Lenovo sleeper cell…

Found this on the wife’s laptop just now. Have removed it. Wonder if it try and come back again…

Never say never…

nowdays the best thing you can do imo (if you’re a pc person) is buy/build a laptop/pc with a hard drive in it (to save money). take the hard drive out and replace with ssd and install windows 7 (along with spybot antibeacon) and/or linux. oh and don’t forget the VPN.

The most ppl won´t be able to install W7 on actual PC/Laptop. Secure Boot, missing drivers, often no optical drives

Are this HP-software was installed out of the box?

If I buy a laptop I install Win, so I don´t have such problems like manufacturers spy-software, bloatware, etc.