HP GWA 416B DVD burner gives stuttery playback on domestic players

I have 3 off xw8200 pc’s all fitted with the HP or LG drive. After alot of investigation is it Procoder encoder, no, is it Nero, no its the same with Alcohol software, the burnt disks always skip on domestic lower cost players. Verbatim ink jet printable stock. Burns tried at all speeds.
Tried different disk stock. Same problem.
Disk skips at exactly the same point each time burnt and played.

My ancient Samsung 709 domestic player plays just fine. But the cheapo Prism player is performing skips the same as the clients player.

Transfer files to Mac G4 with Pioneer 111D drive. Burn with Toast. perfect playback

Change drive in xw8200 PC for a spare Pioneer 110BK. Perfect playback.

GWA drive has revision 1.03 firmware.

Came configured with cable select jumper installed.

As I have seen other posts elsewhere on this topic are these HP/LG lightsribe drives bad for this?