HP Elite X3 Windows 10 ARM CPU powered smartphone to run x86 apps

We’ve just posted the following news: HP Elite X3 Windows 10 ARM CPU powered smartphone to run x86 apps[newsimage]http://www.myce.com/wp-content/images_posts/2016/07/hp-elite-x3-95x75.gif[/newsimage]

HP will release a new ARM CPU powered Windows 10 Mobile smartphone in September that will also run x86 apps. Because the phone also supports Continuum it’s possible to use the x86 apps on a large screen too.

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The x86 apps won’t be running on the ARM CPU but are streamed to the phone using a new HP powered service.

And here I was actually hoping for a phone running native x86 PE code, what’s keeping them :confused: - Probably battery again… I guess, but an emulator? Unless it is too resource hungry, that should work as there is enough processing power.

Same here. I know old-school x86 DOS apps can be run on Android devices using DosBox. So, I would think it would be possible to run Windows apps, although it probably goes without saying that a much more sophisticated emulator would be required.

PS: It’s also possible to Emulate old versions of Windows. I once saw someone emulate Windows 95 on their device. Again though, this probably won’t help anyone who wants to run software that isn’t older than Gandalf himself.