HP dvd940i

I have a friend who against other suggestion purchased a HP dvd940i and is now having problems burning dual layer DVDs, problem include pixelation and just flat plain stopping when trying to playback movies. I have already suggested that he try better media as he is using memorex. Are there any firmware updates for this burner, and suggestion short of doing the shot put with it?

Correct suggestion. Memorex DL is crappy.
Get Verbatim DL.

give this http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=207344&highlight=940i a read, you can flash it over to a lite on burner like i did…working great for me!
but definately change that media!!!

My friend just bought a HP dvd 940e 18X Super Multi DVD Writer, External (the “e” must represent “external”) for $100.

He said the writer will “play” DVD’s, but there is no sound associated with them. I’m not near him to help physically, but I’m in email contact with him.

This unit came with Nero software.

Can someone help me help him resolve the “sound” problem? Thanks loads guys. Hope to hear from someone soon.