HP DVD940i - what is a LiteOn analog?



HP starts to sell DVD940i, 18x drive with LightScribe.
It is a LiteOn rebadged drive surely, but what model it is exactly?
It may be LH-18A1H, but it hasn’t Benq style top cover. Top looks as “old” 6S series.

http://www.nix.ru/autocatalog/dvd_rw_dvd_ram/59827_main.jpg (1280x742, 435k)

Any suppositions?


Maybe look for close up pictures of the 18A1H/20A1H online and compare?

I’ve got a 20A1H I could post a picture or two of.


must be a 18A1H.
the top looks like the BenQ one, or what is this round white thing there?!

also the led and the eject button are on the same place as on every other litey, so it really is one.


Here are the pictures I promised. Same white plastic circle on top (too bad as older model drives had metal circle’s, just another thing like the red/orange LED and volume control that bite the dust to save money… although at least they are under $50 now instead of $200…). However the top indents look totally different, so I’d suspect it is not this particular drive at least.

Here is the front/top view of the drive. The sticker on this model was on the bottom.

Here is the sticker on the bottom of the drive.


The led and the eject button are a faithful sign, but the top is different in comparison with 18A1H top:


the white plastic circle is there on both drives. on the benq, there’s a sticker on it. i don’t think that it’s not a 18A1H, only because the metal case is not in-punched (i don’t know any other word for this…).


Why we don’t see the same type 18A1H?
Can you be fully confident that this drive hasn’t any other differences?
Like this: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1663633&postcount=410


that’s no real difference, because both liteon revisions use the same firmware. just the never revision is a little quieter.you also can’t be sure which liteon revision you get when buying this drive.
if its firmware is [B]H[/B]xxx, then it surely is a 18A1H.

do you just want to know if it’s a liteon? yes, it is one.


So a different spindle motor is “unreal” difference. :smiley:


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Here’s some more info: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=202908


Thanks, Cressida.


you didn’t trust me because of my avatar, right? ^^

anyways, they can also have pasted the wrong picture. i don’t think they’re interested in knowing which hardware they actually sell.




if it’s 16x, why would HP sell it as 18x? maybe it’s the same hardware again…


Yep, it looks just like my 16a7s.


HP firmware could be 18X for the 16A7H. I know [B]crocjoe[/B] flashed his 940i to a 18A1H, but don’t know what the top cover looks like on his unit. Looks like there’s two different Lite-On versions in circulation for this HP.