HP DVD940i - Latest Firmware Update?



Hi, does anyone have the HP DVD940i - I require the Latest Firmware Update to try and correct read/burn problems. My current firmware version is 3H23 which came with the burner.

Any help with this product would be much appreciated.


I updated my 840 on the HP website


Thanks, I’ve tried their but no luck.


You can try flashing to the codeguys stock firmware for the Liteon LH-18A1H drive (assuming you have the version of the 940i made by Liteon- says ‘940d’ in info). Somebody else has already successfully done this after their kid bricked their 940i with a rpc tool not designed for use on this drive.

The 940i could be made by either Liteon or LG. You can tell if it’s the Liteon version if the LED and emergency tray release hole are closer to the left side of the drive faceplate rather than the right side. If the LED is on the right side your drive is really an LG based drive. I have no info regarding the LG version of the drive at all but maybe somebody else here does.

Latest fw for the LH-18A1H drive is the HL06. Latest fw for the 940i from HP is the one you and I both have, 3H23. And Omnipatcher doesn’t recognise it!



I have the liteOn version (940d) and the codeguys stock firmware will not work. Does not recognize drive. Are there any other options??


HP now have a HL07 fw version on their site. I requested updated fw from codeguys and sent CodeKing my 3H23 fw to patch with speed updates, etc. (essentially a HL06 with speed enhancements). It works great and still id’s as an HP 3H23 fw.

Which reminds me I need to give him some feedback on the great job he did!



You will all have to excuse my ignorance, I am new here and a bit frustrated with this new HP 940i drive. I noticed you posted that the HP site now has a firmware update HL07 but I have yet to find it after several days and searches. I was excited to get this drive but without it being able to read properly it is useless to me :frowning:


I know that this thread is old, but could someone upload those firmwares somewhere?