HP DVD840x Slow burn times

Hello everyone. I purchased a HP DVD840x drive from Best Buy a couple of months ago, and I’ve had problems with it ever since. Although the drive does burn CDs/DVDs and the lightscribe works…the burn times seem extremely slow. For a drive that’s supposed to be burning CD-Rs at a max rate, it shouldn’t be taking a half hour to burn a CD! And DVDs are taking on average of 40 minutes to burn at maximum speed! I am using Verbatim brand media. I have an Athlon XP4000 2.2 gig with only 512 megs ram. Could the relatively small amount of ram I have in my computer be causing my problems?
I contacted HPs support and they wanted me to check that my DMA for the drive was enabled. I was able to find how to do that in Windows XP, however, I’m not sure which IDE channel the drive is on. One IDE channel shows both devices as having UltraDMA5 enabled, and the other channel shows PIO mode, and the second device shows UltraDMA2. I have two hard drives in the computer, the HP DVD drive, and a Philips CD-R Drive. I selected the option for the drive showing PIO mode to “enable DMA if available” but it always stays in PIO mode. So I’m not sure if that’s the one my HP DVD drive is on or not. HP support also told me to reinstall the drivers/firmware for the drive and provided me with a link to download it…however, I click on the link and there is NO DRIVERS! I have searched all over HP’s website!
HP support then said if none of that works then my drive is most likely defective. It seems unlikely the drive is defective if it still works, just slowly…it seems like problems with HPs drivers or the way Windows XP is recognizing the drive? Any help would be appreciated.

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As you sort of realise the slow burning is down to the burner running in PIO mode .

The 2 devices in UDMA mode 5 are your hard drives and on the other channel/cable the CD drive is the one in UDMA mode 2.

Try disconnecting the CD drive & running the burner on it’s own.

BTW you system is perfectly capable of burning at high speed & also there are no drivers specifically supplied by HP. Windows XP drivers are used.

The burner should really be on the end connection on the cable & set to master.

Have a look at this thread for maybe solving this problem.