HP DVD840x->GSA 4166B 1.02

Greetings all! I’ve been a lurker of this community for quite some time and have been provided with some great solutions to all of my problems in the past, but now I’m in a real pickle and cannot figure out what to do . . .

My HP DVD840x stopped recognizing blank CDs for some reason. So I tried just about everything I could think of (updating firmware, drivers, etc.) to no avail. I decided to give crossflashing a try. I crossflashed the drive to GSA 4166B v1.01, then to v1.02. When I hit the eject button on the drive to open it up, the light just stays on for a bit then goes off–without opening. BIOS, Windows, and NeroInfo recognize the drive, but I just can’t get it to respond now. I’m not sure what else there is that I can do. If I have to buy a new drive, so be it. But I’m curious if there are any other solutions out there that I have not tried. Thanks for all the help over the years! :slight_smile:

Welcome to CD Freaks. :slight_smile:

Double-check the physical drive sticker to see if it is a 4166B or an H20L.

Shoot . . . I never read anything anywhere about an H20L, but apparently, that’s what I have. I guess that’s what I get for having old stuff, eh?

Sorry for the double-post, but I figured I’d update anyone reading this on the progress. So I used HBLoader and flashed to the correct firmware of GSA-H20L v1.01, then I flashed to v1.02. The drive opens, and it reads regular CDs just fine; but when I go to burn a CD-R, it just keeps saying that no blank media is detected and to insert some. I used to be able to burn CD-Rs with it, no problem. But suddenly, I can’t get it to recognize blank discs. BTW, I’ve been trying it with Memorex CDs. I don’t have any other brands of media lying around. Any ideas?