HP DVD840RI can be a Liteon 165H6S

I bought two HP DVD840RI drives form Circuit City. One is a LG GSA-4166B and the other appears to be a Liteon 165H6S. The original firmware is HPD3 and ids as a HP840D. I Xflashed it to HS0D and it works great. Reason for flashing was the original firmware did not support bitsetting.

I have a Liteon 165H6S from HP, the firmware is HP10. I wanted to xflash it to the real liteon HS0D too. Can you help? Can you tell me how did you xflash?

Here is what I got when I double click the firmware that is from Liteon’s website. I think I need the liteon’s firmware to overwrite the “hp10” firmware Please help! :confused:

You could try the firmware here: :wink:

Thanks! You are the King of C0de!
By the way, do you know how to backup the firmware that I have in my drive now?
Because I want to backup it first before I update my firmware.
Thanks again!

I got the EEPROM Utility, thanks! C0deKing!

the eeprom utility can backup the eeprom only.
you need XSF to backup your current firmware.

Yes chok0 is correct. See this link for using XSF at DOS: