Hp dvd840i

I’m sorry for starting at the basics…but it is my understanding that the hp dvd840i is actually a LG burner? I was wondering if anyone could tell me what LG burner it is and also maybe some links for firmware. I’m alittle new to the LG world, I’ve tested alot of nec, benq, and liteon drives. I’m not sure if mods are available for LG or anything like that. Any help on this drive would be greatly appreciated


I did some more searching on cdr-info and found out that the drive is a GSA-4166B

I also see that there is a media code speed edit for the drive which is great :slight_smile:

I just want to make sure that the 840i can be crossflashed to the GSA-4166B without trouble and I was also wondering if the drive would support quality scanning

Thank you

Do a search on the 840 in this forum section. I’m sure someone here has already tried crossflashing that drive to the 4166B.

As for quality scanning, I don’t think it is possible. AFAIK, no Panasonic chipset writers can do quality scanning. Why exactly is a matter of great debate. Some claim the chipset itself doesn’t support it, others claim it is possible with any chipset but is just a matter of whether the function was written into the firmware.

thank you

If your drive appears as H840x in device manager, it is a H20L, as posted here.

it shows up as 840d even though the box says 840i…I did find a forum relating to crossflashing a 740 to 840 then to a 4166b but I can’t seem to get mine to work… It wanted me to use a flasher from the original fw of the LG drive and flash that firmware to it but I get a error. I’m not at my computer right now but I’ll post the error when I get home. (about 1 hour)

well, I’m home now but I decided to forget about trying anything with this drive…I’m taking it back and getting the samsung SH-S182M…looks much more promising plus it does quality scans :slight_smile: Thanks for your time. It was greatly appreciated!