HP dvd840E won't recognize blank CD

I’ve been able to burn CDs and DVDs till just a couple of weeks ago. Now the Burner can’t ‘see’ the blank CD and tells me there is no disc in drive. It can ‘see’ a blank DVD.

What can I do to correct this? I’ve downloaded an upgrade to the firmware to no avail. I can’t even locate the DVD burner in the control panel to remove the software.


Which burn software have you used?

Remove InCD if it is installed.

I’m using Roxio Easy Media Creator 9. This doesn’t seem to be the problem. The problem seems to be that the HP dvd840 simply will no longer ‘see’ the blank cd in the drive. it will play them and does ‘see’ blank dvds.

Time to clean the drive with a cd cleaner, maybe.

You are not alone, I’m looking for help with exact same problem. Mine is a HP dvd640. I have had this problem for a while I have just been to lazy to try and cure it until now. It’s been easier to send files to my son’s computer and burn them, but this is a problem I am going to find a soultion for. Going to see what the HP boards say , if anything, seems a good place to look since we are having identical problem.

Edit – Sorry forgot to say, I am just using the old WMP to try and burn with, not anything else. With DVD’s I use the HP DVD that came with the writer. Do you have any of the DVD Clone software or AnyDVD software installed ??
I am curious if my using those has maybe changed something in the settings that I did not notice. ? I will post back if I find a solution for this problem.

WMP for burning? Eek!

Try with Imgburn & Burrrn!

Re: HP dvd840E won’t recognize blank DVD

I also have this problem with no help from HP support. A record phone service gives a different phone numbers to get the problem corrected and there about worthless as HP. I spent a couple days trying to get the hpdvd840e to work with no luck. The Nero software isn’t much better. I downloaded a software and using the burner on my laptop and all works fine. I guess it’s not the first time I throw 50 bucks away.