Hp Dvd840e Cant Burn Dl Dvds Help Please

Hi, I have bought a HP dvd840E, the writer will burn cds and ordinary dvds, when i try to copyfrom a dvd+r dl it will read ok but seems to have a problem writing it as it stops and freezes at about 56%,I have ruined 4 discs upto now, I am using nero 7 and have got the latest firmware and i am using bulkpaq 2.4x dvd+r dl discs to write to, can enyone help please :bow:

You can only trust Verbatim DL discs really. Also try with ImgBurn iso Nero.

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Thanks for the reply, I have an iso image which is fine but it will not complete the burn on a dl disc, I have ordered some tuffdisc dl discs which is where the original iso has come from, When i test the original tuff disc in nero drive speed it shows a score of 100 and no errors, Ill wait for these discs to arrive and try one and will keep you posted.
Thank you for your reply and help :cool:

Tuff disc DL is also crap…

Don’t waste money again and just buy Verbatim DL media.

No problem, kev3r. You should know that what really matters is the Manufacturer ID of the discs, not the brand name they are sold under. Please check your Bulkpaq and Tuffdisc DVD’s with Start -> Programs -> Nero -> Nero Toolkit -> Nero CD-DVD Speed under the “Disc Info” tab. They’re probably made by Ritek which is not the best. Can only repeat to buy Verbatims only.

By the way, a score of 100% in CDSpeed is “impossible”. It looks like your burner doesn’t support disc quality scanning, so don’t trust this result!

:cool: Sorry but i have already ordered the tuff disc discs,How do i tell if my writer supports disc quality scanning.

If it reports PIF’s in CD-DVD Speed. The fact that you don’t see any, means it doesn’t support them. Maybe you or a friend has a LiteOn or BenQ dvd-burner that you can try - you’ll see immediately what I mean. I believe your HP is a rebadge of an LG and LG’s don’t support disc quality scanning.

Nero CD-DVD Speed: Disc Info
Basic Information
Disc type: : DVD+R DL
Book Type : DVD-ROM
Manufacturer: : Ritek
MID : RITEK D01 (001)
Write speeds: : 2.4 X
Blank Capacity : n/a
Extended Information
Layers : 2
Layer break : 3.98 GB
Write strategies : n/a
Disc Status : Open
Raw Data
Physical Format Information (00h)
0000 - 01 0F 32 10 00 03 00 00 00 F8 FF FF 00 22 D7 FF - …2…"…
0010 - 00 00 00 52 49 54 45 4B 00 00 00 44 30 31 01 40 - …RITEK…D01.@
0020 - 25 25 37 00 00 28 64 00 28 64 19 1B 0B 0B 0E 0F - %%7…(d.(d…
0030 - 01 00 00 00 00 19 1B 0B 0B 0E 0F 01 00 00 00 00 - …

General Information
Drive: HP DVD Writer 840e
Firmware: 68JH
Disc: DVD+R DL (RITEK D01)
Selected speed: Maximum
PI errors
Maximum: 0
Average: 0.00
Total: 0
PI failures
Maximum: 0
Average: 0.00
Total: 0
PO failures: n/a
Jitter: n/a
Scanning Statistics
Elapsed time: 3:14
Number of samples: 220
Average scanning interval: 16.00 ECC
Glitches removed: 0

To be avoided… Scan them on a LiteOn or BenQ and then compare to a Verbatim to be convinced. :wink:

kev3r if u can try to update ur Hp Dvd840e bios to better one and try to burn, tbh i had the same problem with my liteon cd writer when tyring to burn a cd. If theirs no improvment send it back to the manufacturer and get a replacement or a credit note

I have the latest firmware and it still wont work, it wrote the first layer but stopped before it could go onto burn the second, It has to be a problem inside the writer ,If anyone can tell me how to fix the problem inside please let me know, i decided to buy a brand new one the same model and it works perfect with the bulkpac dl dvds, And Cressida i did try a Verbatim disc but still did the same, Thanks for all your replies and if you want to buy a lightscribe dual layer writer what wont burn dual layer look on ebay in the next day or two and get yourself a bargain :cool:

:slight_smile: You’re not using an early version of Nero7 are you, because they had quite a few bugs. Version is the latest update you can get from Nero’s website. If you want, you can attach a Nero Error Log here (remove your serial/personal data first). Did you try burning one with ImgBurn as well?

As mentioned, download and try the free [B]ImgBurn v2[/B] out.


I have nero 7 premium ver: and nero express 6 ver: my new hp dvd840e drive will burn dl discs without a problem with both versions of nero but when i plug my old hp dvd840e drive in it freezes on both versions at about 56%, It is not my pc that freezes it is the drive, the light goes out and you cant eject so i have to unplug the usb connection and then it will let me eject the disc.
I think it is definately a problem when it gets to trying to burn the second layer? :cool:

USB enclosure/chipset is the culprint in this case.

Thanks Chef, I am a newbie but does this mean its goosed :o

You can try to find a new firmware for the enclosure/chipset…

Hi Chef, Where would i look as i have already uploaded the latest firmware from hp and still no joy.Thanks