Hp dvd840b

hi, i have a hp dvd840b but it wont recognises any dvd when i put it in the drive. in my computer it says dvd ram but should say dvd rw. any ideas?

. I had a vaguely similar problem with my 640c, but it was intermittant with both CDs and DVDs. I updated the drive firmware, deleted the WinXP Device Manager entry (in the “DVD/CD-ROM drives” section), and re-booted. Viola! Telling DevMgr to “Scan for hardware changes” may have worked w/o re-booting. Not sure about other OSs.
. As a rule-of-thumb, NEVER interrupt a firmware update. Make sure your system is stable. IMHO, a UPS isn’t over-kill.
. The DevMgr is pretty safe to use - unless you really try, it can usually auto-repair your mistakes. Deleting a disC drive is very safe. Just make sure you don’t delete a disK drive - it’s probably self-healing, but I wouldn’t won’t to chance it.
. And if that’s not the problem, at least you have the latest firmware.