HP dvd840 problems installing and burning

Hi all,

I’ve found this site so helpful in the past - but for some reason I can’t figure this one out.

I bought a few months ago an HP dvd840 and just recently hooked it up via usb to my dell dimension 8200. I cannot get the drive to be read by any of my dvd software…including nero, copytodvd, or dvdfab.

I tried to reinstall the drive and cannot w/ the drivers from HP.com ( I get a ‘can not initialize 2815 error’ ). The installation cd it came with is not being read by any of my other drives. I have fully uninstalled the nero oem suite as well.

My device manager window does show 3 drives - ( I had 2 cd rom drives built in the computer - and so the 3rd drive must be this hp 840 ).

I have successfully ripped dvd’s onto my hd and compressed them to fit onto a generic dvd media disk. The problem now is that I can’t find my dvd rw drive with any software I mentioned above to burn it onto.

I thought maybe it being a usb connection would have something to do with it? (Because when you open up dvdfab the first only drive available to burn onto is my e: lite-on ide drive, which is internal.

Im not sure if I included everything you guys would need to help, but plz feel free to be brutal w/ me cause i just wonna figure this out.

I’ve read other posts in regards to other hp dvd840 problems and have stopped specific services from running so it wouldn’t interfere (i.e anydvd).

thanks guys,