HP dvd740i burning slow



I’ve owned an HP dvd740i for several months now. Was burning great DVD+r close to max speeds with Roxio 8, but in the last couple of weeks its slowed down to about 1.5X. Have tried changing media, and using Nero but no improvement in burn speeds. In fact it often gets about 90% through and then tells me there is a write error. Only 2 software installed in that time was a screen saver (now disabled) and DVD X Copy PLATINUM (functioned well). Should I try re-installing the drivers, remove DVD X Copy PLATINUM or do something else?



Check your DMA settings :


I have the same problem ,dvdfab gold with hp dvd740i, no virus running and DMA active. Cant find drivers for 740i


Welcome to the forum dogbreath.

You won’t be able to find drivers for any DVD writer because Windows uses a standard set of drivers for every DVD writer. Unlike a printer or a video card, Windows needs no special drivers to use a DVD writer.

Unless you mean firmware updates instead.

As for your problem, check and see if your system uses nVidia IDE drivers. If it does, uninstall the drivers and let windows reboot with its default IDE drivers. See if that does the trick. There have been quite a lot of problems reported by people using nVidia’s IDE drivers with their DVD writers.


OK, well no Invidia drivers here, but after trying everything else, I returned the 740i and swaped it for a new one. I was given an 840 i for exchange. All is well now, thx 4 the help.