HP dvd740i a LG?

My daughter just bought a new computer which has a HPdvd740i. I’m trying to figure out who makes this drive, looks like maybe an LG. What to use for firmware? Any help on this would be great!

According to VideoHelp, it’s an LG, but I don’t think those can be crossflashed, can they?

Could be also a LiteOn OEM, maybe.
But not seen any other info about this drive so far.

Yea, could be a Liteon SHW 16H5S maybe. CD speed shows anything over 4 PIF spikes in the red and doesn’t read Jitter. That sounds like Liteon,. Only owned 1 LG drive but don’t remember what CD Speed read. Might try KProbe but firmware might not allow.

The drive is a HP 740r not a 740i. Must be a Liteon. Has to have Mediatec chipset because KProbe works fine! Now if I can find out what model #. Thanks for your help!
BTW, I burned only 1 disc, a TY T02. Burned a 98% with only 41 PIF total on CD-DVD Speed. Not bad for a learning burn.

Yay, looks good, sounds good. :wink:

740b is a LG, 740r should indeed be a Lite-On (as the 530r was a Lite-On).

Thanks again! You people are great. CD Freaks are A+! :bow: :bow: :bow:

BestBuy has the HP DVD740i drive on sale with 15 lightscribe discs for less than $90…
And it seems that their might be two different versions of the drive being sold [one that does DVD-RAM and one that does not] is there any way to tell from the shelf box which is in the box?

My guess is the one with DVD-RAM support is an LG, while the other is a LiteOn. Does it mention anywhere on the box if DVD-RAM is supported?