HP dvd740e problems


I am having problems with my external HP dvd740e burner. When I insert an original DVD in the drive it will read and read without ever loading the disc. Once and a while it will read an original just fine. It’s very similar to when you put a damaged disc into a drive and it tries to read it with out sucess. The original dvd’s are undamaged and read fine in my other drive. This problem seems to have started about a month ago. I was thinking that the lens was starting to wear out from a lot of use but the drive seems to burn dvds just fine. Also, when I insert a burned dvd this drive will read that just fine. Is their a firmware update for this drive (can’t find one on the HP website) or is their something else wrong that I havent thought of yet?


One more thing… this only happens when I am running AnyDVD.