HP dvd740e not recognized by Windows after Lightscribe driver update



Bought a HP dvd740e last tuesday. Installed the firmware revision 42JH, everything seemed to work fine until updated Lightscribe drivers from v. to v. Now Windows keep messaging that an unknown device has malfunctioned and it need to close it. Guess which is the device which has become unrecognizable by Windows??!!! I’ve tried a System Recovery to the point before the new driver was installed, but Windows can’t restore. How can I uninstall this new driver in order to discard or assert that this is the cause. Also installed Nero v6 on a PC which already had Roxio 7.5. But to the best of my knowledge, the problem began after the lightscribe driver update. However, if I disconnect the power from the driver and reconnect it again, Windows recognizes it until the next shutdown. :confused:


Installed the Lightscribe Hostsoftware from Nero supportsite?


No, installed the host software (Surething CD Labeler SE) from a CD that came with the driver (Nero 6 was included in said CD). Then installed the update driver from www.lightscribe.com. Is there a problem with the software from the Nero site?


Hellooooo… Any ideas???


Roxio and Nero -> no good combination.


I have the SAME PROBLEM! I did what you did and now my cd/dvd aren’t just not burning, but they won’t even read/recognize any type of discs I put in there!


There’s a few things that you can do,
1 - Remove the lightscribe driver
2 - Remove Nero 6
3 - Roxio 7.5

Just do number one first, try to locate and remove the lightscribe driver with Nirsoft DriverView and let me know if it work or not.

Nirsoft DriverView 1.10 (Free).zip (34.9 KB)


I’ll try it Castros, and let you know, thanks.