HP DVD740b



I have an HP DVD 740b flashed to an 840b. The problem that I have is burning dvd’s or cd’s. About 6 or 7 minutes into a dvd movie there is a line on the dvd that is visible and the movie is garbled. The same goes fore a cd about 6 or 7 minutes into it. I have tried different types of media, same problem and also tried several different burning programs. Any possiblities of this drive working again?


You could try re-flashing back down to 740b and see if that fixes the problem.


Ok will try.


I tried to reflash back down and get the error message model mismatched. This is using the LG flasher. Any suggestions?


Sorry this is out of my area of expertise, but there are plenty on here who are good at these things so I’ll have to leave it to them.


Ok, will research. Thank you for your time. I got a response from HP saying to uninstall nero and unplug drive for several minutes and then reinstall nero. Might try that also.


Sounds more like an authoring than a burner problem if it’s 6-7 min. on both CD and DVD. You should run some Transfer Rate Tests in Nero CD-DVD Speed to see how your burns read (not play).

If you Search the LG DVD Burner section, you’ll probably find that the HP is a rebadged LG GSA-4166B. Crossflashing to LG firmware is possible.


After I run the drive test, what am I looking for? I tried what HP said, uninstall Nero, defrag drive and disconnect drive. After I reinstalled everything, I tried to burn a copy of a movie and I still have the same problem.


I did get an error that said illegal mode fot this track (056400)