HP dvd740 Lightscribe

The Lightscribe on my HP dvd740 isn’t working. Could anyone help me with this?

Can you be more explicit?
I have a 640i and this has gone faulty. (Took about 21 days). DVD worked ok, but lightscribe engine went awol. Reports of skewed and compressed printing are appearing on this site, (I’ve posted my own story), and also on Afterdawn, where there are legions of stories about this.
Are you using a Lightscribe labelling software? If not, then you’re never going to get anything. But if you’re getting error messages from your label printing software along the lines of incompatible media, or an update to lightscribe engine is required, then forget it. Your drive simply doesn’t work. In which case, choose one from an alternative manufacturer as HP refuse to acknowledge there is a problem. I’ve changed mine for a Lite-On. Feels flimsier than the HP, but it has the unusual property of actually working!

Hi Paco & Howard,
I’m also having trouble with my HP 740r drives Lightscribe function not working. I’m using Magix Movie Edit Pro 10 to create my discs and have burnt some SVCD’s okay but when trying to use Sonic Express Labeller to print on the discs (Verbatim Lightscribe CD-Rs) I get a “Lightscribe Engine Error - No Lightscribe device found”.
I was guided through a total system restore by HP Support (a real pain as I lost all my e-mails and settings etc) but after that the Lightscribe worked and labelled a disc.
I then reloaded my Magix and created another SVCD but got the same error message when it came to labelling again.
I have tried updating the drivers etc from the HP site and have also loaded a Registry Key supplied by Magix but I am still having the same problem.
I don’t want to do another full system restore but it looks like that may be my only option.

Hi Paco & Howard,

I have got my Lightscribe problem cured now and the same fix may work for you Paco?

The guy at Magix sent me a Registry Key as listed below and once installed it cured my problem as the Lightscribe now works perfectly.
It was a Zip File labelled “windows_2000___xp_-_cd_autostart_de-1.zip”, when unzipped it contained two files named “win 2000 und xp cd autostart aktivieren.reg” and “win 2000 und xp cd autostart deaktivieren.reg”

One is to be loaded onto the computer by double clicking on it to “activate” the Registry Key change and the other “deactivates” if you choose to remove it. I can’t read German but I worked out which was which and I’m sure others can.

One other thing to note is that my computer wouldn’t let me load the file initially and told me it was blocking it to protect my computer. You get over this by right clicking on the Zip Folder, selecting properties and then selecting “unblock”. After that it worked a treat.

Finally, I am not a computer expert and this cured my particular problem, I would hate you to mess your Registry up by installing something unsuitable so it may be a good idea to run the fix by some of the knowledgable members of these forums to ensure it is safe for you to use in your particuler problem.

I hope this helps anyone out there with similar problems.