HP dvd740 lightscribe wont work with Verbatim discs

I’m sorry if this is covered, I did try several searches and couldn’t find my specific issue.

I just bought an HP dvd740 lightscribe drive for work along with 90 Verbatim lightscribe CD-Rs. The lightscribe blank that came with the DVD burner worked fine as far as the lightscribe part went, but when I tried to use lightscribe to burn art to the Verbatims, I was told that a lightscribe blank was not detected.

Please help, I have to do 50 of these things by tomorrow and at 15-20 minutes a disc, I’m going to be here all night even if I get this working. Would new firmware help, or do Verbatims just not work with the HP drive? If that’s the case I’ll have to run to CompUSA, Staples, Circuit City or Best Buy if they have any brand in stock that you guys recommend.

Thanks for any help, greatly appreciated.

HP drives are usually made by LG. Have you looked at the label on top to see if it indicates an LG-4166 drive? I am also guessing, as you, that the Verbatim is not in the firmware but I never do LightScibe on my 4166 so I cannot tell you how it recognizes the media. You should also post which Lightscribe software you are using as a real user (not me) might have more info as to how media is recognized.

It an external in a case, I’d have to open the case to find out exactly what model it is, which I could do if that would be helpful. I’m using the demo version of Droppix Label Maker Plus for my Lightscribe software. The UI looked a lot nicer than the one for SureThing which shipped with this drive. I’m just using Photoshop to create the image I’m burning and Droppix directly supports PSD files which is a huge plus for me since I don’t have to flatten the images after I make changes.

From other posts on this website it appears it’s some form of LG, perhaps an LG GSA-4165B.

My only suggestion would be to try SureThing. Maybe some other Lightscribe user will have a clue. Sorry.

I flashed the firmware with the latest from HP and it works now (though there was no strategy listed for Verbatim in the release notes). I also just went out and bought an LG, these things take forever, and the actual results look nothing like they do in some of the pics I’ve seen on the net. I also grabbed some Memorex blanks to test as well. Results are identical as far as I can see.

Memorex are mainly crap.