HP dvd740 DVD+R Burning Problems

Hello, I’m new to CDFreaks

I have a problem with my DVD burner which is a HP dvd740 it has problems burning with Nero it just gives errors also the DVD drive seems incapable to recognize DVD-R’s, I’m using TDK DVD’s, I also have the latest firmware update for it HJ 24 and it still has problems also provided a log file of a disk I burnt that didn’t work.

Please provide a solution to my problems.

Hi, and welcome :slight_smile:

For troubleshooting purposes, could you uninstall your virtual drive software? These have been known to cause burning problems/disc access problems.

Also, you might try a different kind of media - seems at first glance that your burner doesn’t like those TDK003’s, but uninstalling your virtual drive may just fix it. :slight_smile:

I will try this as soon as I get home from school, Thanks very much.

I tried uninstalling the Virtual Drive software and it did absolutely nothing to help me recognize the DVD-R media in the drive. I might contact HP support about the problem and see if they have any solution.

There’s a very good chance that it’s the media and/or decent support in the firmware.

Verbatim media is very well supported in most firmwares, you might want to give that a try. :slight_smile:

Apraently now the DVD drive doesn’t read or register DVD+R or DVD-R discs.
It also seems not to be able to see CD-R’s as well. The only thing that seems to work is cd’s with data on them. =/ Might be the drive firmware that’s playing around or the OS that has gone slightly sour.
Also the HP people said I had to return to the OS supplied for me to get further tech support. =/

Nope, a firmware cannot go faulty that way. Test the drive in another computer.

Also, follow the link in chef’s sig on how to delete your upper and lower filters.

Sometimes just uninstalling a software isn’t enough to get rid of those registry entries (I found this out with CloneCD).

:disagree: Deleting unwanted upper/lower filters is the last resort, and only when you get error messages and symptoms like desribed here.

Yeah agree on that, in most cases that’s just wishful thinking…

Crossflashing is also an option. But that I would only recommend when everything else fails.
Until then try other media* and burn at rated speed. :wink:
[* Note, TDK003 MID is fully supported by HJ24/HI24 firmware(-s)]

This is true, I should have mentioned that. Thanks for pointing it out. :slight_smile:

However, the extreme worst case scenario after deleting the upper/lower filters, is a reinstall of the OS may be needed, or a reinstall of some programs that don’t work properly afterwards.

But as mentioned, different media may be all that’s required. :wink:

I can’t burn or read anything on my drive. I can only read plain CD’s that’s about all my drive can do now. Plus the media I used worked well with my drive. I think it might be my OS that’s the problem not the media.

Yep, possibly :iagree:…changing your media is a good first step though.

And if it is your OS install that’s to blame, then you really have nothing to lose by deleting your upper/lower filters if you’re looking at a possible OS reinstall anyway :wink:

I’ll try to delete my upper and lower filters and see if that helps. Thanks again for the help you provided me, the HP Tech support provided nothing at all.

I deleted my upper and lower filters and it did nothing to help read DVD’s or Reconize any dvd or cd media. =/ , Only thing it can do is read CD’s

OK, here’s an idea before going the OS reinstall route.

Uninstall, then reinstall Nero (with a reboot inbetween, of course). Also, try some freeware burning options such as DeepBurner etc to see if they recognise and will burn to your discs.

Failing that, as mentioned, try different media, and if you can, try the drive on another PC (you may have to ask a friend real nice to do this if you don’t have another one handy).


You may install a second OS… This way you wouldnt lost the first installed one.


Cool i’ll try that.

Umm, I considering getting a new DVD burner since mine is basically junk.
Would a Lite-ON SHM-165P6S-OEM be a good choice with DVD-R’s. Please reply.