HP dvd640v defective

Hi, I bought a HP dvd640v drive from a bid with no warranty, and when I tested discovered that the drive is unable to read or write any cd-rom, but on the other hand, does read and write dvd with no trouble…also lightscribe is not working

Any ideas what could be happening? As the drive is with no warranty, i’m interested in opening the drive and try to fix it myself, maybe the lens are dirty or something else.

I will be very please, if anybody could give me up a clue.

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The drive has two lasers: One for CDs, and one for DVDs. The CD laser is probably dead. Try to boot from a bootable cd to be sure it is not a software issue. You could also try the drive in a different PC.

the drive does not even work when I load a boot cd-rom, so there’s no software problem. Also I hear the disc accelerating and stoping ( like a dirty or strached disk).

I think maybe I could fix it, or is to too hard? maybe in the shipping something got out of place, or the laser need a bit of calibration, don’t know!..

Sure there are two lens? or both laser are on the same len? cause if so I will put an sticker on one, and try if it reads dvds, if so, I know which len is not working to try to fix it, anyways… I can’t broke something already broken ::slight_smile:

I even flashed the drive several times, with JOU4 firmware and the new on HP but nothing happends, also I tried the drive on several computers with no luck

I am sure there are two lasers, one lense and zero chance to repair it.