HP DVD640i - no firmware on HP site

I have a HP DVD640i purchased last October. It is recognized in Windows as a 640c and is manufactured by Benq (says so on the label on top of the drive). When I bought it I visited the HP website and downloaded a newer firmware, JS04, and it has been working fine. I recently decided to look to see if a newer firmware was available. HP has almost no trace of of this drive on the website and specifically no drivers at all for download. I found this on the HP site but clicking on the link for the drive brings up a blank page that says “Content Error”. Searching for Drivers and support I was able to find this which has nothing available for download. Has HP abandoned this drive already?

I have seen some posts saying that the DVD640c can be flashed to a Benq DW 1625. Would there be a benefit in doing this? Are there still new FWs being put out for the 1625?


just let me quote from HP website:

Why does my DVD Writer show in Device Manager with a different ID?
As shown in Figure 1, a HP dvd640i will show as either a HP DVD Writer 640b, HP DVD Writer 640c, or HP DVD Writer 640v. The suffix is used to determine correct firmware to use for the recorder. It does not indicate that the device is anything other than a 640.
Figure 1: Example of 640i
1 - location of DVD writers
HP uses different hardware manufactures, and suffix used in Device Manager is only there to assist in determining the correct firmware is used for the recorder.

That means basically, that your drive is not necessarily built by benq. And your f/w version doesn’t fit into benq’s naming scheme (sounds like liteon). Latest f/w for benq 1625 is from August 2005. I doubt, there will be newer releases published.


Thanks for the reply and info. Mostly from reading these forums, I do understand that the HP DVD640i could be a LiteOn, Benq or possibly an LG depending on the suffix. As I mentioned, mine is a 640c and it does say “Benq” in small print on the label that is on top of the drive. This thread also indicates that the 640c is a Benq drive:
HP DVD640i (Benq) thread

I was curious as to why the HP website seems to have removed all downloads available for the 640c. Even in the above HP DVD640i thread there are direct links to the HP firmware download, but now when you follow the link the page that opens has nothing for downloading.

Secondly, I was curious if I would get any benefit from flashing my 640c (as a couple have posted they did) with the Benq FW. Like updated media compatibility or bitsetting and booktype. Since you indicated that the last FW from Benq for the 1625 was released last August, I guess there is no need to flash using the Benq FW since it is as old as the JS04 I got from HP back when I purchased the drive.

HP as released f/w QS12 for the 640i/c. The only problem I’ve having right now is that Nero DVD Speed will not recognize the media. It did on the old firware, CS03.