HP DVD640I (Benq)



Newegg has a HP Burner with LightScribe and look as a Benq any know what is the model


link: http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc.asp?description=27-140-007&depa=1


wouldn’t it have to be a 1625? how much do LS disk suppose to cost?


It is a benq, 1630 I think.


According to this thread it is a litey…





From what I have seen, a 640i has the eject hole on the left and is a Liteon, a 640c has the eject hole in the middle of the drive and is a Benq. There is also a 640b…


Looks like a Benq.


Found a pic of the HP640I.


The HP640I definitely looks like a Lite-On from the front. The 640 posted by RickDriver is obviously a BenQ by the way the front looks at least. :bigsmile:


i = internal and is just the selling name for all internal drives and not the actual drive ID. For example HP sold its 4x internal DVD+R/RW writer as dvd300i but it could have either a drive ID of 300n = NEC or 300c = Philips.

Proshow list support for the following HP DVD writers (I added the OEM):
DVD Writer 640c = Philips/BenQ
DVD Writer 640b = HLDS?
DVD Writer 630c = Philips/BenQ
DVD Writer 530r = Lite-On
DVD Writer 420n = NEC
DVD Writer 400c = Philips/BenQ
DVD Writer 300n = NEC
DVD Writer 300c = Philips
DVD Writer 200j = Ricoh
DVD Writer 100j = Ricoh

I’m not sure the 640b is a LG but I believe HP cd writers that ended with b in the drive ID were LG drives. While the picture at HP of the dvd640i shows a Lite-On it does not necessarily mean that any dvd640 drives will be Lite-On drives because HP’s picture of the dvd630i also shows a Lite-On drive (and all sold drives are AFAIK BenQs) and HP’s picture of the dvd420i shows a BenQ drive (while all sold drives AFAIK are NECs)…


Buying one of these sounds like you might just get about anything! :confused:

I also noticed that the specs sometimes showed 8X dvd-r or 16X dvd-r. Hmm, what to make of that.


I just bought an HP640I side of the box said HP DVD640VI but the label on top of the drive says Benq, also windows detected it as a 640c . Wich im happy cuz i wanted a Benq and not a lite-on :cool:


Actually the picture of the drive Rickdriver posted may be the face plate for the BenQ and the picture dsdarli posted the Lite-On faceplate.

If you take a look at this sites CeBit coverage they were at a HP Lite-On stand and the 640I was on display but checking out the sticker on the drive it said BenQ oops! :slight_smile: & the faceplate corresponds to the one Rickdriver posted, anyone have a 640I with the other faceplate and is able to confirm its a Lite-On ?



How many HP 640 exists? I read that one model is from Liteon, one from Benq and one from LG?


Right. I bought a HP640i, the label says HP640i but BIOS and Windows say its HP640c. I also find a label with “BenQ” on top of it.


man this is getting confusing! I pulled My HP DVD640i (which windows says is a 640c) it says benq on it but I cant find where is say DW16?? or anything like that anywhere on the label where can I find that DW number anyway?


Dont think there is a DW1625 number on it, only the name BenQ. But this is enough to know it is a BenQ 1625 or Philips LS16 :slight_smile:


What about checking for updating the firmware what do i look for on that?


If it says BenQ on the label odds are its not a Lite-On :slight_smile:

The HP 640I BenQ firmware version should be CS30 but there are no firmware upgrades available at this time or a means to cross flash it to a BenQ 1625 that I’m aware of.


Well, at least they sound like they are BenQ’s then and not the inferior Lite-On Drives. :slight_smile: Hmmmm, so any of you 640I owners try the Lightscribe capabilities yet to see how it works? I’m quite curious on this aspect. My Sharpie writing sucks but it works for the time being… hehe.