HP DVD640 - Repair help?

Is there anyway to open this bad boy up and try and fix it. Computer still recognizes it but it won’t read a damn thing (reminds me of me back in highschool).

I’ve opened the case to take a look see - and it all looks geek to me, I mean greek! I read somewhere in here that you can clean something or check the lasers or something like that.

I’ve already tried the firmware update.

It’s a cd & dvd rw - so I’m guessing two lasers. Also it’s a lightscribe.

Can somebody help me out?


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Opening the drive is pretty easy. Remove the drive from your PC. There are four screws on the bottom, remove them. Then use a strightened paper clip and insert it into the tiny hole in the face of the drive, thats the emergency eject hole. It only has to be about an inch long, push it in a couple times till the drawer opens a bit, then pull the drawer out a couple inches. The face of the drive can now be popped off, and the metal case should slide off. Look around inside you should see a tiny lense near the middle, smaller than a dime. Carefully use a q-tip with rubbing alcohol on it and rub the lense very gently a few times, blow on it a bit to see that it looks clean. Re-assemble the unit, give it a few minutes for the alcohol to evaporate fully.

good luck.

First test the drive in another computer!

First test the drive in another computer!

Did this in 2 other computers - not finding a disk in either one! I mean the computer finds it but the drive doesn’t read a disk. I don’t think it was a lens issue, although I did what Eric suggested and cleaned and retested - it makes a funny sound when you put a disk in - like it tries to turn it and then it just stops. Dunno, I’m new at this.

Thanks for the help

Thanks for your help. I’m picking up the shattered pieces and moving on - I just bought a pioneer dvr-115dbk and a samsung SH S202. hope these were good choices. I needed ide drives.

Those are good choices. :slight_smile:

Cleaning the lense wasn’t sucessful?