HP DVD640, a LightScribe drive?

Has anyone seen any info about HP’s coming DVD640 burner yet? I saw a post about it here. At NTI there is also a dvd640c listed and HP’s c drives are Philips/BenQ drives. Philips has also licensed LightScribe and HP’s next writer will likely have this feature so I assume the dvd640 will support this. The interesting question is if the dvd640 will have the same hardware as the BenQ DW1620, it would be nice to be able to flash your drive to a LightScribe drive… :wink:

According to sources, it’s going to be based on a LG, not a BenQ.

Maybe the LightScribe drive will be also posted on web pages of CES-related news. :slight_smile:

Lightscribe capable BenQ DW1625

Lightscribe capable BenQ EW162L

source http://babelfish.altavista.com/babelfish/trurl_pagecontent?url=http%3A%2F%2Fpc.watch.impress.co.jp%2Fdocs%2F2005%2F0109%2Fces10.htm&lp=ja_en

Nice find Sen, the external one looks nice I must say plus a SATA connection on it nice one BenQ a good idea to get it off the USB bus, though not all Mobo makers provide the external SATA connections Gigabyte is the only one I can think off who do it. (Though you can get expansion cards that provide the external ports)

Now at HP shopping for $129.99 :eek:

The drive on the picture looks like a Lite-On but I’m not sure I trust that because the picture of the dvd630i also shows a Lite-On and I have not seen any dvd630 owner reporting he/she got anything else than a rebadged BenQ. As usual HP has also f*cked up the specs, they’re different at the website and in the PDF and don’t match any Lite-On, BenQ or LG drive:

From the website:
Write speed
16x DVD±R; 2.4x DL DVD; 24x CD-R
Rewrite speed
24x CD-R, DVD±RW up to 4X

From the PDF:
Write: CD-R: up to 40x (CAV or P-CAV); CD-RW up to 24x (Z-CLV);
(Z-CLV); DVD+R up to 16x (CAV); DVD+R DL 2.4x (CLV); DVD+RW
DVD+RW up to 4x (CLV); DVD-R up to 8x (Z-CLV); DVD-RW up to
to 4X (CLV)

Sure is a ‘nice’ price. :Z

Now waiting for LG/BenQ to come in. :wink:

Me too. :bigsmile:

1620A/Pro flashing to “lightscribe” is not possible…as hardware configuration are different…

LightScribe sounded neat until I found out how long it takes to “scribe” a disc!
“Draft Quality” and TITLE only is 2 minutes.
“Best Quality” and FULL LABEL is 36 minutes.
Sure is a good thing we’ve got burning down to 6 minutes…We can now burn 6 discs in the time it takes to make one label! :wink:

Hey, I just picked up one of those HP DVD640 drives… and it says BenQ on the sticker around the casing… so its not a lite-on… wierd thing is , it says dvd640i on the case sticker, but device manager reports it as DVD640c.

Thats normal, HP use a branding of 640i to mean its internal and 640c which type of drive it is (At a guess why its probably to hide the multipe brands of writers they use so those who order parts from them only see a 640i even though internally it may be a different writer).