HP dvd630v F/W



I recently purchased an external HP DVD writer HP dvd630e identified as dvd630e/dvd630ve. Which firmware to use ? Lite-on or Benq.


What is the current firmware version? You can use Nero InfoTool to find out.


This is AH26, last update from HP. Following what I read, this should be a Benq but how to confirm? I would like to update for the DVD-R 16 speed possibility.


Please post the Show Summary information from DISCInfo. Also, please take some pictures of the drive itself from various angles and attach them. We can help you verify what it is or you can compare the drive’s case to pictures of other drives that you suspect are equivalent online.



AH26 firmware strongly indicates the drive is Philips based. I have an internal HP DVD Writer 630i drive which has “PHILIPS” printed on the label, along with “V/M:DVD8601/39”, also with AH26 firmware.

You should also check to how your drive is identified within Windows. If you see “HP DVD Writer 630c” that’s another indication the drive is Philips based.

I don’t know if flash converting an external HP DVD Writer dvd630e will be as straightforward as the internal version. My internal HP DVD Writer has been successfully converted to a BenQ DW1620 w/ firmware B7P9, and thus 4X DVD+R DL and 16X DVD-R writing are enabled. I have not done any burn testing with the converted drive, nor do I know if the drive can be reverse converted back to an HP DVD Writer 630c.


No reference to any manufacturer. It is a product of China . There is another I.D. -Q6761A/Q6762A along with dvd630e/dvd630ve and the SN is CNK25…C. I would have sent a summary from DISCINFO but I don’t know how to.


You have a HP DVD Writer DVD630c, which is Philips based. I’d say just stick with HP firmwares. A new version, CH01, is available patched to be region free by The Dangerous Brothers.


I’ll give CH01 a try. Do you know what is changed from AH26? I can’t find infos on the D.B. site.


No, I don’t know, neither do TDB… There is no changelog available to the public.


Hey scan
I have purchase hp dvd 630i recently. I haven’t seen philips label on my drive. It just says made in china and blah blah. Please help me out to figuring the drive manufacturer.tia.


It would help if you can upload a clear pic of the top-side label of your dvd630i drive. HP has been known to use more than one drive manufacturer for the same model, so it is very difficult to be 100% certain of the manufacturer.


I have just purchased one of these writers HP DVD630C an am having great trouble in writing discs… lots of coasters :frowning: I have got the latest f/w CH16… i am trying 2 use Datawrite Red’s V3 DVD-R … wot media are you using??? tia :slight_smile:


i am trying 2 use Datawrite Red’s V3 DVD-R

Put crap in you’ll get crap out, i suggest using some quality media the Datawrite reds are absolute rubbish.


I use Benq 8X dvd-r and don’t have any problem even at max speed. BTW, I have the last HP firmware available and I’m very happy with that setup.


its benq clearly its a BENQ 1620
Looka t the top of the drive where it has all the chinese writing and it will say “benq” mixed in there near the middle.


I am a rookie in this forum. I have the HP z545 DEC with HP DVD Writer 630C. I reload the XP MCE 2005. I lost the original 630C software. I cannot update the latest firmware by HP without the original software. Does anyone have the original software for it? Thank you very much.


You are aware that this latest software (CC16) is 20 month old ?