HP dvd630i rebadged BenQ?

I 'm deciding on whether or not to buy a Pioneer A08XLA or an HP dvd630i. I’ve heard the HP is a rebadged BenQ. Is there anyway I can check for sure by looking on the drive itself, or is it a total tossup?

I read the HP can be a rebadged Liteon also. Don’t know if there is a way to tell from the outside. Maybe match serial number types?

Don’t hold me to it but if it has DVD630i c or it dvd630c it’s probably a benq. Do a search someone had one in thgis forum and converted it to a retail BenQ.

I think I was the first to post about this.
the original thread is here
for my box nothing on the outside of the retail box indicated it was a benq. the drive itself has a sticker which mentions benq (in context of japanese or chinese etc) and the drive reports in bios as dvd630c iirc.
hope that’s enough to get you going


Does the box yours came in indicate DVD-R @ 16x?
If so that would match 1620 spec.

All the HP DVD630 boxes I’ve looked at show DVD-R @ 8x.
That matches the LiteOn spec.

Can you tell us where you bought the drive at?

The HP site says that the drive only does DVD-R @ 8x