HP DVD630e external

This was working great for a little over a year. Got less than 10 coasters over that time of burning hundreds of discs, and it did freeze on me while burning a few times. Now my computer running Windows XP Home SP2 just doesn’t recognize it. It shows it as an unknown usb device in “Device Manager”, and it doesn’t even show up in “My Computer”. Tried uninstalling and then reinstalling the installation program several times. It doesn’t work. Windows says the driver is not installed(Code 28), and it also says the device is not configured correctly(Code 1). I thought the driver was suppose to be in the installation disc. I followed the instructions in the “Found New Hardware Wizard”, but I can’t get it to work. Does anybody know what to do? Can you post a link to get the driver? I tried the HP website, and they offered a driver/installation disc for sale and a firmware upgrade (ch16). I already have the upgrade and I don’t need the installation disc because I already have it. Any help would be appreciated. :confused:

it is not the driver at fault, it is the operating system or the motherboard or the USB ports (not enough powered) or the external enclosure or finally the drive itself; you have to test the unit on another system and if recognised ok than it is your system and not the writer.

Yes, like [B]Corbus[/B] said.
Seems to be too weak to support the USB/device with enough power.

open up Devicemanager and check the USB and drive info.

I do not think it is because it is not getting enough power. I recently had to change my power supply because the old one broke down. I had a new one with a bit more power put in. It was working fine with the old power supply, and it stop working before this power supply died. I also tried to install it into my laptop, and just like with my desktop, Windows could not recognize it. Do you think it is the writer itself then. I thought I read somewhere that a program might be interfering with the recognition of the writer. I think Windows media player 10 was the program mentioned. Could this be it. I hesitate calling HP tech support because my warranty is over and they want to charge you about 16.00 dollars just to talk with them.