HP dvd420i

well im a first timer here…i have a hp dvd420i writer and am very pleased with it …got it last summer and have not had a coaster yet…my question is …i have read that it can be made to burn DL discs but needs to be updated first…where can i find info on this…thanks in advance

Search here first: http://forum.cdfreaks.com/forumdisplay.php?f=61, then
look here for some very useful information: http://forum.rpc1.org/.

Just wondering what media you are able to burn to. I have the same drive and the onliest media it will accept is el cheapo Memorex (Taiwan) DVD+RW 4. Ihave tried several othe +r and +rw media, even some high-rent media, and the burner refuses to even acknowledge their existence!