HP DVD400i

HPs recent firmware update has rendered my dvd400i unable to recognize CD media. Calls to HP were of no help.

HP demanded my telephone number, name an address before they would answer any questions regarding this issue, which I refused to give. At that, the HP representative, with his thick, almost unintelligible Eastern Indian accent informed me that he would be unable to help me. After arguing for some time, and repeated requests by the rep for my phone number, I was handed over to a supervisor. He informed me that they would be unable to open a “case file” in their database without my phone number. I refused again, after which I was informed rather hatefully, that he would be unable to answer any questions without my telephone number and suggested that I reset my computer’s bios and if that didn’t work, I should reconsider my refusal to give them my phone number.

Now, I am not a lawyer, but from what I have been able to find out from friends and family, I was left with the impression that it is illegal according to U.S. law for a company to require personal information in order to render support for a product without first getting a release in writing from the individual requesting support. Perhaps someone more knowledgable in these matters could clear this up for me.

I am however a computer technician and I do know my way around hardware. I am reasonably certain that the firmware is preventing the drive from recognizing CD media.

Whatever the cause, this much is certain: I am left with a drive that is unusable as a CD drive. Stamped CD as well as CD-R and CD-RW (whether blank or burned) are not recognized. The drive goes thru the initial TOC read, but then stops. It is as if there were no disc inserted except that it does spin the disc. The drive seems to be obtaining focus and attempting to read TOC. I can hear the lens servo as it spins up.

The firmware version currently on the drive, as reported by HP DVD “My Drive” in the support panel is FH04. My previous firmware was Bh04 and read/burned CD media flawlessly.

Has anyone else experienced this problem, and if so, is there a remedy? Can the firmware be forced back to the old version, and if so, where would I find it?

Since posting the previous, I found that, contrary to what HP will tell you, it is, in fact, possible to roll back the firmware version. dvd400c_Bh04.exe will complain that you are trying to install an older firmware version, but it indeed, does revert to an older version successfully.

Unfortunately, the firmware update apparently did not cause my drive to quit recognizing CD media. Apparently, something else has gone south on the drive. Must be hardware. . .

Now I get to fight with HP over replacement. Wonderful!

I too am having the same problems with the cd portion of my dvd400i :a

I have not contacted them yet, but I am going to as my dvd portion of it has now wtopped reading a blank dvd. It will still read a dvd, just not a blank one.

I will post my results.


Unfortunately, it sounds like you both may have hardware problems but, are you aware the 400i is really a rebadged Philips DVDRW824K that writes both DVD formats (+ and -):


if you are out of warranty and adventurous, take a look at this page:


I flashed my 400i with the referenced firmware and, not only did it fix some burn reliability issues, it now writes -Rs, too. It is a much better drive with this firmware than it ever was with the HP code.

DISCLAIMER: Flash your firmware at your own risk! I haven’t tried to flash back to the HP firmware (absolutely no need to) but I am sure it can be done via the brute-force method (DOS and mtkflash) if you must.

Good luck.

thanks xfire

as I just posted in another thread, I contacted hp and they helped solve on of my problems. I can now burn dvd’s again, but still no luck with the cd portion. It might be a dirty lens…however, it does not recognize the cleaning disk to run it :confused: …so for now, I am waiting on the replacement to get here.

No, these drives are not compatible with mtkflash.

Glad to hear HP was willing to help. Hopefully they will do the same for Hamoohead.

When your 400i is old and out of warranty, try the 824 firmware. It really is much better.

how would you go about flashing the 400i to the philips firmware?
will the philips flashing tool let you flash the firmware to a non-philips drive?

DISCLAIMER: Flash your drive at your own risk! Incorrect flashing can render your drive useless! I have not reverted to the original HP firmware so I don’t know if it is possible. Also, make sure you take any disc out of the drive.

With that said…Yes, I just ran the philips flashing tool and it worked. The one I used was here: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=103608 and click on the Clicky.

First make sure you have the philips drive. I have heard rumors that some of the 400i drives were made by another manufacturer. Look at the bottom right-hand corner of the label on the drive. Make sure it says “BenQ” and “DVD8401/72” as circled in the picture below.

Good luck!

Thank You!
Fortunately my drive is a philips DVD8401 (HP DVD 400c in the windows device manager)

For anybody who cares, here’s an update…

DISCLAIMER: Flash your drive at your own risk! Incorrect flashing can render your drive useless! Also, make sure you take any disc out of the drive.

I was able to revert back to the HP version FH04 of the firmware quite easily, but I was not able to do it using HP’s program. When you have the Philips firmware in the drive and you run HP’s app, it will display a dialog that says, “The update program did not find any supported Hewlett-Packard drives on this computer”. Click OK to exit the HP flasher app.

Now run the Philips Flashtool, select the Philips drive in the list box, click the “Select flash image” button, point it to the HP cvt file (by default it gets deposited in C:\Program Files\HP DVD\Umbrella), click “Flash the drive!” and away it goes.

Reboot your PC and you are back to the HP 400c (400i) drive.

Hello I just installed HPs recent firmware update for the HP 400i/Philips DVD8401(KH27)
from the Compaq website, and it has rendered my dvd400i unable to recognize CD media or burn. When I try and run the firmware update from HP.com (FH04) it errors out. I would like to get it back to the HP(FH04) firmware, then try the Philips Firmware P3.3. But when I run the flasher program and choose the P3.3.cvt it errors out…when I use the flasher tool and try the FH04.cvt it errors out. Anyone with any ideas. Thank You.

I have this same exact problem. Can someone help us out?

Thanks all for the information above.
I have the same problem as Hamoohead. DVD Read / write works fine, can’t read CD ROM or CD R/RW.

Seems to occured when I changed to firmware FH04…

Based on suggestions found here an in thread http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=102267&highlight=400c

I have:

  1. Rolled back to BH04 found at:
  2. Re-loaded FH04 found at the same link
  3. Loaded the philips DVDrw824DP 3.3 firmware found at http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=102267&highlight=400i in Pstele’s Post.
  4. Rolled back to FH04 with out issue.

End result - I proved that you could easily change the Firmware. None of the changes helped my player with it’s CD ROm CD R/RW issue.

Next Step - Go to HP for warranty replacement.


After trying all methods to bump back to original firmware failed. HP is sending me a replacement. They finally admitted this has been a problem, yet they leave the firmware update on their site…figures.
Contact HP for replacement! :eek:

Really? I’m contacting HP now!

My 400c has the HH19 firmware. Can’t find it on hps website or anywhere.

If someone wants me to rip it give me the app to do so. Easy CD Creator only states it can burn +R/RW media. 8meg cache too.


I have an HP DVD200e and I been having the same problem for a week or so. I think I experienced it for the first time after I installed XP sp2.

After updating HP original firmware from 1.36 to 1.72 my dvd won’t burn blank dvd+r anymore.

Can I “upgrade” to another dvd writer, as you have talked about erlier, or am I stuck with HP? Do anyone know how I can get my dvd to start burning dvds again?

I have exactly the same problem with my HP 200i . I even didn’t save my previous fw. Did you try to load the old fw. back?

ok, here is the deal

I called them and they could not completely solve my problem so they sent me a replacement one

it was very painless :bigsmile: