HP DVD400 now +/-



I saw the HP DVD 400 8X burner at Walmart the other day, they upgraded it to a +/- now. $135. Anyone try one of these? I kinda like to get it as I have an HP PC and it’d look a lot nicer with the same front on the drives. I wonder who makes em?


I have an HP 400i 8x burner (it registers as a 400c in Windows and Alcohol 120%). It works just fine for me burning 4x. Haven’t tried the 8x cause the media’s a little pricey and only for +R. Apparently, this is the same box as the BenQ DW800A/Philips DVDR824P. See this thread:
BenQ is offering a $10 flash upgrade to the DW800A to give it the -R/RW capability. Obviously, you must buy a new HP to get the -R/RW. Maybe some of the guys at www.firmware-flash.com will try flashing the old 400i with the new 400i firmware to see if it will upgrade.




does this drive support bitsetting?

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Yes all HP drives support bitsetting.


thanks for the information,

how do i use the bitsetting features? where is the software? like Benq i can use Book Type management, how about HP? i am getting OEM drive so no software are being provided

and mind to tell me the - writing capability is it 2.4x? or 4x? how do i upgrade it?

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Hi, maybe you saw the DVD420 model? which is NEC 8x8 OEM.