HP dvd300i not recognizing CDRs and CDRWs anymore

I upgraded my computer a few months ago to Windows XP Pro and didn’t bother checking out my burner with CDRs, as I use DVDRs mostly. but I wanted to burn Linux Live cd for a friend and my HP DVD300i doesn’t even recognize it.

First I thought it was a media problem, so bought 2 different brands. Then changed the software. Even tried out Nero and CDBurnerXP Pro, nothing works. CDRs just aren’t recognized. What can I tweak to fix this? Or am I doomed to buy another one?

when you upgraded to windows xp, did you just upgrade. or did you do a full format and install xp from scratch… i have the same dvd burner and have no problems… I would also REALLY recomend that you go to HP and get the new firmware… and well… i know its work… but start windows form scratch if you havnt.

also make sure you have all thelatest system/MB drivers for your system

Hm. I thought you were rdgrimes. The “mp” looks so similar to “rd” on my screen. :sad: