HP dvd1270r



Hi all i need some help crossflashing my HP dvd1270r KH22 to iHAS424Y. i got the iHAS424Y firmware from here http://liggydee.cdfreaks.com/page/en/Optiarc-AD-7240S but everytime i try to flash it gives me error submitting checksum. i changed my drive from DMA mode to PIO mode but still gives me the error. if theres a window problem than i am running windows 7 ultimate 64bit. any help will be appreciated


Hi and Welcome!

if I remember correctly, then this is a Sata drive. I doubt you can switch to PIO, but I might be wrong.
Another problem might be the controller your drive is connected to. There are sometimes problems with firmware updates. See if you can flash stock firmware for your drive.

Also, I am not sure if Binflash is designed to crossflash a drive at all.



thanx for the reply Michael. yes it is sata drive and if you mean the stock frmware of my drive than yes i can flash it to drive but if stock of iHAS424Y than no.

i saw this post http://club.myce.com/f44/hp-dvd1270i-ihasxxx-300883/. this guy has the same drive as mine and he says that he crossflash the 1270r using the “ihas424y_zl1wbt_auto” firmware after modding it using a hex editor.

[QUOTE=chong;2483803]Managed to crossflash the 1270r using the “ihas424y_zl1wbt_auto” firmware after modding it using a hex editor.

Burnt a CD and DVD+RW thus far and things seem to be ok…still keeping my fingers crossed tho!

Thanks Liggy and Dee for the excellent firmwares and binflash utility!! [/QUOTE]

do you know what he may have edited. i tried to PM him but there is some problem with it i can’t seems to message him.


If you cannot send PM to a certain user, he might have disabled PMs.

Anyway both drives have a different - but in general - compatible bootcode. You need to change the content of Bytes at location 0xe and 0xf (first byte would be 0x0) of the firmware you want to flash with the values that a firmware dump from your drive would now have. This should solve the checksum error.


all these values in hex editor hurt my eyes don’t know what to change. i will upload the dump of my drive could you please help me with this. i am trying to flash it with ihas424y_zl1w_orig. here is the dump of my drive firmware


If you don’t understand this, then you probably shouldn’t change it at all and just take what is available for your specific drive.


i changed these values of iHAS firmware

with these values of dump of my drive firmware

the flashing went successfully without any error submitting check. the drive is now shown as iHAS424Y ZL1W burnt a dvd and was ok. did i do it right Liggy.


Yep. Everything was done correctly - despite my wrong instructions :wink:


good to know that it was right. thanx Liggy